Flip Out Classes

Our classes are all about assisting with your child’s development in a fun and safe environment. Starting with our mini Ninjas suitable for ages 2-5 and then moving on to our Ninjas sutiable for ages 5-13.

We train to achieve agility, co-ordination and aerial awareness. All of these skills will assist your youngster in the real world. Agility improves reaction time and could prevent accidents. Strengthening co-ordination enable kids to use different elements of their body at the same time, in a seamless manner. Developing aerial awareness assists Ninjas in knowing where they are in space and how to jump, move and land safely.  Improving all of these skills will help with your child’s overall motor skills.

We understand that all children are unique and progress differently. So, we teach them to master skills at their own pace. After mastering the basics, your child will learn tricks include front flips, back flips, twisting skills and much more. As your child learns more and more, they progress through our levels program.

Our trainers will be there to keep your kids safe while they learn all new ninja tricks.  Rest assured there are no fighting moves involved, so your little ones are in good hands. You are welcome to watch the classes from our seating area and get a coffee from our café.

Remember, when we exercise, our bodies release endorphins. So, while trampolining is fantastic for physical strength, it also can help improve mood and mental health.

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With all classes, price varies based on 10 week term length and can be affected by public holidays. Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Make up classes are not available.


$120$/for the term and due at time of registration
  • mini Ninjas

  • Designed to fast-track your child's development in a fun & exciting play environment!
    • Ages 2-5 years
    • Run weekly for 10 weeks throughout the School term
    • Monday 10:00am or Friday 10:00am
    • Classes are 45 minutes with unlimited free play at the end
    • The classes consist of activities and circuits designed to improve motor skills, balace, social skills and spatial awareness.

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There's no other kindergym like us in the northern suburbs, so if you'd like to find out more about the mini Ninjas class email sales@flipoutsa.com.au
$150$/for 10 weeks during school term, due at time of registration
  • Ninjas

  • The kids will learn how to be safe on the trampolines along with tricks including flips and twists!
    • Ages 5-13 years
    • 10 Classes – Includes a pair of Flip Out Grip Socks & 1 x FREE Ninja Top per level
    • Thursday’s 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm
    • 1 Hour Class

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Ninjas are run by our qualified instructors. The Ninjas will also get a free ninja shirt that matches up with what level class they are in. We are registered with the children’s University Program and can stamp your child’s learning passport each week they attend this class.

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